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Informational Video on Marriage Equality

This video underscores the enduring challenges faced by same-sex couples in Nepal, despite a pivotal Supreme Court order in 2012 permitting living together for same-sex couples. The absence of legal recognition prevents these couples from exercising fundamental rights, including marriage, family establishment, child adoption, legal registration of adopted children, and property claims. While advocacy efforts are underway, urgent attention is needed to bridge the gap between legal provisions and the actual rights afforded to the gender and sexual minorities community in Nepal, ensuring comprehensive marriage equality and safeguarding their basic human rights.

Infographic Video on "Anagarik - A Journey for Marriage Equality"

The creation of the “Anagarik” infographic video was an intricate process that combined storytelling, visuals, and impactful messaging. Jyoti and Prabha’s compelling journey was narrated through a combination of animated infographics, interviews, and heartfelt testimonials. Their love story, intertwined with societal challenges, unfolded as they faced workplace discrimination, citizenship issues, and barriers in healthcare due to their status as an unmarried same-sex couple. The video meticulously documented Jyoti’s job loss due to her lack of citizenship, a situation exacerbated by her father’s threat to grant citizenship only if she left Prabha. However, their unwavering love for each other stood strong against these challenges. The video poignantly portrayed the couple’s struggle for recognition and rights, exemplifying their commitment to each other. Furthermore, “Anagarik” exposed the difficulties Jyoti and Prabha encountered in hospitals, lacking legal proof of their partnership due to the absence of a marriage certificate. It also depicted their arduous journey in obtaining a birth certificate for their adopted child, as the LGBTI community faces significant obstacles in child adoption. Jyoti, a passionate social activist, was showcased as a symbol of resilience and strength, leading the fight for the rights of the LGBTI community. The video highlighted her success in legalizing same-sex cohabitation while emphasizing the ongoing battle for marriage equality. Despite constitutional provisions granting rights to the LGBTI community, the implementation remains elusive, leaving individuals like Jyoti and Prabha feeling like stateless citizens.